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Forensics Remote Data Collection Manager

Everything you need is in the dashboard

Rocket offers real-time dynamic data collection management, removing the need for manual input

Data Collection Manager

Rocket's Built-In Data Collection Manager Gives You More Data Collection Insights Than Other Tools 

Which collections are completed, not started or in progress?

  • How much total data have we collected for the case.
  • How much data have we collected for each device. 
  • How long did the collection take.
  • Where's the preserved data now.
  • How many total devices
  • How much are we charging the client.
  • View the rolling itemized data collection invoice. 

What Can I Track In Rocket's Dashboard?

  • Case name 
  • Matter number
  • Custodian and email 
  • Device collection 
  • Collection status
  • AWS S3 hosting information

Action Menu Items

Rocket facilitates team-wide account access for collaborative case and collection management in the cloud, even when team members are distributed across different locations.

Rocket's dashboard is intuitive, simple to use with all of the moving parts of the data collection at your fingertips

What Are the Action Menu Options?

  • Download the data collection summary report
  • Download the chain of custody
  • Download the verification reports
  • Download the preserved image(s)
  • Run the data collection
  • Send the custodian an internet speed test
  • Resend the email request
  • Purchase more hosting for a collection
  • Purchase more downloads for the collection

Rocket's Reporting

Each preservation carried out by Rocket is forensically sound, meticulously documented, and forensically verified in PDF format

What Type Of Reports Does Rocket Generate?