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Remote Disk Imaging directly to AWS S3

Every Rocket data collection package includes access to all global AWS storage locations, automatic uploading from the remote device, and 30 days of S3 hosting.

  • Elastic storage eliminates storage quotas 
  • Add any AWS S3 storage region to your data collection. 
  • Includes the instant upload, S3 hosting for 30 days and secure download.

When Rocket preserves the device, the preserved data is automatically saved to your pre-selected S3 bucket. From your phone or computer, you can track the progress of devices, custodians, live collections, storage and more.

AWS S3 Storage is Included with Every Data Collection

  • Express account users get 21 days of AWS S3 hosting.
  • Enterprise users get 30 days of AWS S3 hosting.
  • Choose any AWS S3 region you want Rocket to preserve to 
  • Once the collection completes, Rocket sends an email to the specified email with the download link.
  • Track the progress and status of devices, custodians, data, transfers and more in real time.

Rocket supports these additional preservation storage destinations

AWS S3 Storage is Included with Every Data Collection

  • Link and use your own AWS S3 bucket with Rocket 
  • Preserve to the custodian's USB connected drive 
  • Preserve to your own data center (requires a third party license)