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Remote Disk Imaging Features | iPhone

Features & Benefits Of Rocket

Among Rocket's benefits is its agentless remote disk imaging on demand, paired with storage from any AWS S3 global location, all at a single price point that's a fraction of the industry cost

What's Included with Rocket Data Collections

  • Rocket user accounts for your whole team to collaborate on case collections.
  • Deploy data collections to computers and iPhone. 
  • Your choice of any AWS S3 storage destinations to preserve to
  • Personalized data preservation request email with speed test and Rocket link
  • Online preservation with instant transfer to the pre-selected S3 
  • 21 or 30 days of hosting depending on the plan. 
  • One download per collection (you can always purchase more) 

Once Completed, Download The Deliverables

  • Preserved images either in E01 or 7zip.
  • Collection summary report
  • Verification reports, audit logs and chain of custody
  • Online tracking of any data collection 

Rocket's Benefits & Features

Eliminates Manual Disk Imaging

Rocket is fully automated, removing the need for manual processes such as remote agents, software installations, and authorization codes

Rocket's Dashboard Dynamically Tracks ...

  • Personalized emails with the Rocket link and speed test are sent to your custodians.
  • Upon clicking the link, Rocket takes over the collection process.
  • No coordination or installations are needed by the custodian.
  • Investigators can monitor real-time collection progress on the dashboard.
  • Upon completion, both custodian and investigator receive email confirmation.
  • You have up to 30 days to download the preserved image(s) 

For Attorneys

Attorneys are adopting Rocket as part of their online client services while optimizing the workflow between law firms and service providers

Attorneys leverage Rocket to expedite remote preservations of computers and iPhones to their service providers

  • Attorneys can deploy Rocket data collections to remote custodians from their desktops.
  • Rocket notifies the service provider to download the preserved image for processing. Both attorney and service provider can track the progress and status of any collection

For Remote Custodians

The custodian activates the Rocket link, prompting Rocket to autonomously handle preservation and automatic data transfer to S3

Deploy Custodian-Friendly On-Demand Data Preservations 

  • The custodian does not require collection kits, forensic tools, hardware, remote agents, authorization codes, or blank hard drives.
  • Custodians can pause and resume the data preservation for up to 7 hours without having to restart it.
  • If the internet connection breaks Rocket will retry for 24 hours and pickup where it left off.
  • Just click start, there's no on-screen configuration, or installation required 

Integrated AWS Cloud Storage

Rocket data collections feature integrated AWS storage, including secure upload, download, and 30 days of hosting from any global S3 or Fed Ramp region

See all the included options for transferring the preserved images. 

  • Save to a locally connected USB hard drive. 
  • Save to a local network share. 
  • Save your own data center.
  • Create unlimited 30 day S3 buckets in any region
  • Link and use your own AWS S3 buckets 

Deploy The Speed Test

Rocket sends your remote custodians a speed test link that takes seconds and displays the results on the Rocket dashboard

Uncertain about sending a blank hard drive or opting for online data transfer? Deploy a speed test to the endpoint decide

  • Speed test link is included in the Rocket data preservation request email
  • Optionally, you can copy and paste the speed test link into your own email for distribution 

Rocket makes it simple and fast to preserve targeted data on the computer endpoints without the junk data

All Targeted Options For Computers

  • Preserve by Windows profile
  • Preserve by file groups 
  • Preserve by extensions 
  • Preserve by custom path 
  • Preserve by date range

See All File Group Options 

  • Targeted data collection options View PDF